IFRS 15 Revenue Recognition

Improve your revenue recognition practices with Contavio's next-generation, end-to-end IFRS 15 software solution

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Advanced IFRS 15 accounting

Navigating the intricacies of revenue recognition demands more than just basic tools. It requires a sophisticated approach, addressing complexities in ongoing compliance and delivering precise note disclosures.

Contavio’s IFRS 15 software, coupled with advanced contract management capabilities, empowers you to effortlessly identify, record, and disclose diverse revenue streams. Backed by a wealth of experience in IT and revenue recognition, Contavio stands as your reliable partner throughout the entire IFRS 15 process.

Important features for efficient results

From audit ensurability to ERP integration

Contract management

Via manual input, file upload or automated interfaces


IFRS 15 revenue recongition posting generation


Creation of data-driven IFRS 15 disclosure statements

Management reporting

Extended reports including forecast functionalities

Audit proof

Approval Workflows [4 eyes principle] and certification by a Big4 audit company

ERP integration

Generation of postings for all major FI systems, including SAP, Navision, and more

Feature4 reverse

Application examples from practice

  • Revenue allocation between performance obligations/contract components
  • Allocations of transactions prices
  • Mapping of additional performance obligations
  • Revenue recognition by percentage of completion
  • Revenue recognition over time
  • Consideration of costs and commissions
  • Contract asset/ liability allocation
  • Combination with lease components under IFRS 16

3 reasons to choose Cantavio for IFRS 15

Standard alignment

Contavio’s revenue recognition software is specifically designed to align seamlessly with the principles and requirements of IFRS 15. Its robust features and functionalities cater to the intricate revenue recognition guidelines outlined in the standard, ensuring compliant reporting and minimizing potential errors.

Full integration

Contavio offers a user-friendly interface and customizable options, allowing your company to tailor the software to your unique processes and system landscape. This adaptability ensures a smooth integration of the software into existing (ERP) systems, enhancing efficiency and reducing the learning curve for your employees.

Fast implementation

Initiating the IFRS 15 implementation journey with a 1-2 hours kick-off meeting, Contavio will get your new IFRS 15 process up and running in just two weeks. The timeline may vary based on different factors such as the number of contracts and amendments, as well as your account structures and required reports.

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