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IFRS 16 Lessee

This module centers on managing and reporting leasing contracts in accordance with IFRS 16 from a lessee's perspective. It ensures the calculation of lease liabilities and facilitates the generation of compliant financial reports based on IFRS 16 requirements.

IFRS 16 Lessor

This module focuses on managing and reporting leasing contracts in accordance with IFRS 16 from a lessor's standpoint. It supports accurate tracking of lease receivables, revenue recognition, and compliant financial reporting under IFRS 16 guidelines.

IFRS 15 Revenue Recognition

This module aligns with IFRS 15, the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) for revenue recognition. It aids in tracking revenue elements, recognizing performance obligations, and generating financial statements compliant with IFRS 15 guidelines.

ASC 842 Leases

This module meets the requirements of ASC 842 (US GAAP), the lease accounting standard by the FASB. It simplifies lease accounting by managing lease data, classifying and calculating contracts, and automating reporting for ASC 842 compliance.

Individual Local GAAP Postings

This module allows customization for various local GAAP requirements. It enables businesses to configure reporting parameters, accounting treatments, and disclosures to align with the specific principles of their country's GAAP, ensuring compliant financial reporting.

Multi GAAP Postings

This module supports multi-GAAP functionality, allowing for the simultaneous accounting under existing GAAP, IFRS 16, and ASC 842 for the same contract. It allows flexible financial report configuration to comply with diverse accounting standards across jurisdictions.

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One software, many use cases

  • For contract management, leasing, and revenue recognition
  • For disclosures, asset sheets, liability sheets, and more
  • For all industries and countries
  • For all types of enterprises
  • For all types of teams and organizations
  • With customizable user, rights, and task management options
  • In English and German language

From data input to reporting

Data collection

The first step involves precise and structured data collection. This can be done via manual input, Excel uploads, or automated interfaces to ensure that all relevant information is captured. Optimized control is ensured through real-time tracking of contract data. With Contavio, you always have an overview of ongoing contracts, deadlines, and other relevant information.


Contavio’s software solution ensures accurate and standard-specific postings, covering diverse flow types and maturity details aligned with the IFRS 15 and IFRS 16 standards for transparent financial reporting. The software, certified by a BIG4 audit company, classifies transactions, integrates maturity insights, and maintains a complete and traceable history for audit purposes.


Contavio streamlines the creation of data-driven disclosure statements, ensuring comprehensive and accurate IFRS 15 and IFRS 16 reporting. In addition, the software offers easy creation of management reports with forecasts and audit reports directly within the application. This integrated approach enhances efficiency, providing a holistic view of financial data and facilitating regulatory compliance.

Designed to reduce complexity and increase efficiency

Decentralized access

Enable all users to access your data from various subsidiaries and locations, fostering collaboration and efficiency.


Streamline your processes with our smart automation features, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of human error.

Input data validation

Ensure data accuracy by validating input against predefined rules, supporting compliance with accounting standards.

Currency translation

Convert your financial data into different currencies, facilitating consolidated reporting for global operations.

Intuitive interfaces

Use our user-friendly interfaces and structures to simplify complex processes, enhancing overall user experience.

Roles & rights

Assign specific roles and rights to your users and teams, managing access levels based on responsibilities.

Everything you need – in one application

  • Smart data input (manually or automated)
  • End-to-end contract management
  • Seamless integration into your processes
  • Decentralised use and multiple user roles
  • Process automation and Excel uploads
  • Currency converter and country-specific frameworks
  • Audit-proof and certified
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