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Simplify your lease management with Contavio's IFRS 16 software for effortless management and booking of leases

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Intuitive IFRS 16 accounting

While simple Excel templates were still sufficient for the initial application of IFRS 16, more complex issues in the ongoing application of the standard and prescribed note disclosures require professional mapping.

Contavio offers you efficient IFRS 16 leasing software, including upstream contract management, for this purpose. It enables the classification, booking, accounting, and disclosure of all types of leases. Thanks to our IT expertise and many years of experience in lease accounting, we can support you throughout the entire IFRS 16 process and ensure standard-compliant implementation.

IFRS 16 coverage by Contavio

Contract types

Contavio’s IFRS 16 software supports a range of lease-related contract types, including Lessee, Lessor, Sublease, and Sale and Leaseback. Whether you are managing leases as lessee or lessor, handling sublease arrangements, or navigating sale and leaseback transactions, Contavio's software ensures accurate and compliant accounting under IFRS 16.

Additional agreements

Contavio extends its capabilities beyond standard lease accounting by accommodating a diverse range of additional agreements. With its IFRS 16 software solution, you can effectively manage and account for purchase options, extension/termination options, residual value guarantees, and decommission obligations, as well as track and account for variable lease payments.


Contavio enables effortless management of lease contract modifications with each version securely saved for audit purposes. Whether you are implementing prospective contract modifications or correcting retrospective errors, the software offers you seamless navigation between versions and therefore provides the flexibility and accuracy needed to ensure precise accounting adjustments.

Contavio from different perspectives

IFRS 16 software for lesses

  • Contract management: capturing and centrally managing lease agreements, including all relevant contract details and conditions
  • Timely data capture: automated data capture and updates to ensure quick recognition of the financial impacts of changes in lease agreements
  • Lease liability calculations: accurate calculations of lease liabilities in accordance with IFRS 16 regulations

IFRS 16 software for lessors

  • Revenue management: capturing and managing rental and leasing revenues with automated processes for efficient accounting
  • Lease asset management: centralized capture and management of assets subject to lease agreements to ensure accurate balance sheet reporting
  • Revenue recognition: automated assistance in correctly applying revenue recognition rules according to IFRS 16

Numerous features for efficient results

From input options to revision security and ERP integrations

Input & interfaces

Via manual input, file upload, or automated interfaces (also compatible with other contract management systems)

Posting types

Flexible postings for IFRS 16 Lessee, Lessor, Sublease, and Sale & Leaseback possible

Disclosures & reports

Including Disclosure Statements, Asset Sheets, Liability Sheets, and more

Worldwide use

Supports different languages and foreign currency translation, and includes consolidation functions

Audit ensurability

Approval Workflows [4 eyes principle] and certification by a Big4 audit company

ERP integration

Generation of postings for all major FI systems, including SAP, Navision, and more

3 reasons to choose Contavio for IFRS 16

IFRS 16 compliance

Contavio facilitates IFRS 16 compliance for your company. The leasing software effectively assists you with the ongoing challenges of lease accounting. By offering an automated and user-friendly solution, Contavio not only simplifies complex processes but also ensures compliant IFRS 16 reporting, minimizing potential errors.

Integration & (de)centralization

Contavio's flexible IFRS 16 software is designed to adapt to your specific process and system landscape. It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems and interfaced with other applications. Furthermore, the software ensures centralized lease management in one single location but offers global access capabilities.

Fast implementation

Initiating the IFRS 16 implementation journey with a 1-2 hours kick-off meeting, Contavio will get your new IFRS 16 process up and running in just two weeks. The timeline may vary based on different factors such as the number of contracts and amendments, as well as your account structures and required reports.

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